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Get login details for service principals

2 minute read

Microsoft added support for querying audit reports for service principals in the beta version of the Microsoft Graph APIs. This functionality can help you bu...

Identifying VMs with Public IP address

3 minute read

Identifying all the VMs that are reachable from the Internet is something you must do to govern your environment successfully. It is not a simple task to per...

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Azure Well-Architected Framework

7 minute read

Following industry standards and terms, the Azure Well-Architected Framework provides a set of Azure architecture best practices that support your cloud solu...

Run Kubernetes on Windows 10 using WSL 2

4 minute read

Kubernetes is originally designed to be deployed and used in Linux environments. The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets you run a Linux environment on Windows,...

Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery in Azure

13 minute read

Availability Zone is a high-availability offering that protects you from datacenter failures. Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery enables VM replication between t...

Generate self signed certificates

1 minute read

In this post, I’m explaining how to generate a wildcard certificate for the custom domain with openssl, using a custom Certificate Authority. You can find th...

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