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Identifying VMs with Public IP address

3 minute read

Identifying all the VMs that are reachable from the Internet is something you must do to govern your environment successfully. It is not a simple task to per...

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Azure Well-Architected Framework

7 minute read

Following industry standards and terms, the Azure Well-Architected Framework provides a set of Azure architecture best practices that support your cloud solu...

Run Kubernetes on Windows 10 using WSL 2

4 minute read

Kubernetes is originally designed to be deployed and used in Linux environments. The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets you run a Linux environment on Windows,...

Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery in Azure

13 minute read

Availability Zone is a high-availability offering that protects you from datacenter failures. Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery enables VM replication between t...

Generate self signed certificates

1 minute read

In this post, I’m explaining how to generate a wildcard certificate for the custom domain with openssl, using a custom Certificate Authority. You can find th...

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